20 Flowers Safe for Cats

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flowers for cat lovers—finally some cat safe choices do you have a cat loving friend mother or sweetheart who would delight in some cat safe flowers many flowers are poisonous to cats lilies for example are deadly flowers that are safe for cats a perfect late season flower for cat households cornflower great for informal wildflower vases and safe for cats echinacea the meadow perennial purple coneflower and the various non purple varieties is safe for cats who cannot resist chewing on every stem and leaf astilbe these plumes of celosia like flowers are also safe for cat households safe flowers for dogs & cats wismer suggests ensuring that any flowers or plants you bring into your home are non toxic and no matter what type of flora you have keep pets away as best as possible by keeping the plants on tabletops for small dogs high shelving for larger pets and behind closed doors for sneaky curious cats karen lawrence director of the cfa foundation and manager of the feline historical museum also suggests using hanging planters as a way to keep plants out of the reach of your pets