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how much do sunflowers cost how much do sunflowers cost usually the cost of one sunflower will range anywhere from $1 to about $4 50 per stem however the more you purchase at once in bulk the more you are going to be able to save per stem how to grow sunflowers gardening tips and advice annual can i grow sunflowers where i am to grow smaller flowers for bouquets space plants much closer to her about 6 inches apart in maine or as close as 2 inches in dry places like arizona skip fertilizing the plants will be much smaller with fewer branches but the stems will be longer and flower heads a good size for arrangements growing tips for sunflowers sunflower roots 3 ways to grow sunflowers wikihow how to grow sunflowers these hardy easy to grow annuals brighten up any garden with their large dramatic heads and petals sunflowers can grow anywhere from two to fifteen feet tall depending on the variety and their seeds can even be