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how tall can a sunflower grow in a year perennial sunflowers grown for their dense shrubbery and in some cases for their tasty roots perennial sunflowers grow to heights of 4 to 12 feet depending upon the variety how tall do sunflowers grow these include one called "autumn beauty " which is about 5 feet tall its flowers have mahogany bronze or brownish red petals "frilly hybrid" is another variety that s its name from its frilly yellow petals it s about 5 feet tall and its flowers have dark brown central disks like most sunflowers how to grow the biggest tallest sunflowers tips from an to grow the largest sunflowers it is essential to direct sow seed directly into the garden rather than start them in pots of any kind this is because sunflowers have long taproots that grow quickly and be e stunted if confined peat pots in particular often dry out and block off root growth