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list of flowers that attract butterflies gardenerdy if you don t have a green thumb and are looking for low maintenance flowers that attract butterflies the asclepias tuberosa is an excellent choice in fact it is known as butterfly flower and butterfly weed owing to its attraction to butterflies plants that attract butterflies the best plants for plants that attract butterflies for caterpillars consider plants like violets milkweed and asters for butterflies joe pye weed ironweed yellow coneflowers goldenrod and brightly hued asters are nectar filled favorites see our full butterfly plant list below 20 best flowers & herbs that attract butterflies adult butterflies are not going to lay eggs without the necessary host plants in the garden each species of butterfly is patible with several host plants flowers such as violets daisies asters and pansies may bring fritillary butterflies the american painted lady and the pearly crescentspot