24 What Flowers Do butterflies Like

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5 flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds of what flowers do butterflies like - 5 flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds

what kind flowers do butterflies like and how to we all love to see butterflies hanging out in our yards don’t we the question is of course what kind of flowers do butterflies like this is a really good one to ask actually as the butterflies are attracted to varying flowers based on both their species and the life stage they are currently in 12 perennial plants that butterflies love thoughtco butterflies and bees love it no matter what the name with showy purple spikes of flowers and leaves that appear like clumps of grass a blazing star is an interesting addition to any perennial garden try adding a few white varieties liatris spicata alba to a butterfly bed for more contrast buckeyes are frequent visitors to this perennial what flowers do butterflies like for anyone who loves to plant grow and take care of a backyard garden like us then you know that the right flowers and the right landscaping aren’t the only things that contribute to their success – other aspects of nature such as beautiful butterflies do too and although you may think that some gardeners just lucky to have butterflies attracted to their home the truth is that there are some specific flower types that butterflies are more likely to cling to